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Our Marketing, Fundraising and Engagement directorate’s mission is to maximise income by inspiring people to help fund our lifesaving research.

The team work to understand and influence our customers and donors around how they feel about, and the way they behave towards, the British Heart Foundation, to unlock fundraising income and deliver against our mission goals.

By setting the direction of our brand and marketing, steering our digital and communication strategies, using customer data and insight to pursue innovative projects, events, and partnerships, they deliver lifesaving income and support in a way that puts customers and donors at the heart of everything we do.

We have expert teams covering the broad spectrum of fundraising, from community, corporate partnerships, and philanthropy through to events, legacies, and individual giving.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be part of our fundraising teams. We are more ambitious and determined than ever - because the cures and treatments we need are in sight. You could be part of getting us there sooner.

What the team say

  • KatyFundraising Events Executive

    What do you do?

    I use marketing to recruit runners to take part in third party events to raise money for the BHF. Then I keep in touch through their journey to make sure they feel supported. I also work with the event organisers – such as the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon – to coordinate the BHF’s presence at events, such as our cheering points and runners’ recovery areas.

    What inspires you?

    Meeting our incredible runners. Many are running and fundraising in memory of a loved one or to give something back after their own treatment. Often they tell me their stories at the finish line of a race, when emotions are running pretty high. To me, there’s nothing more inspiring and motivating.

    Three words to describe working life at the BHF

    Varied. Exciting. Inspiring

  • HarleyDevelopment Executive

    What attracted you to the BHF?

    I began life at the BHF as an intern. It was a fantastic opportunity to gain some valuable experience in the sector, at one of the UK’s leading charities. I was already aware of some of the BHF’s great work and the role seemed interesting, as well as offering a level of responsibility I didn’t expect from an internship.

    What do you do?

    I now manage the Heart Pioneers programme for philanthropists who donate to the BHF each year. The role is a combination of marketing and relationship management. On the marketing side, I create a variety of appeal mailings, acquisition campaigns and project updates. The relationship element involves keeping in touch with our Heart Pioneers, whether that be for a casual chat over coffee or at some of the exclusive events.

    What are the best things about being part of the BHF?

    It’s a great place to work both professionally and socially. There are a lot of opportunities to learn new skills, whether they are related to your specific job role or not. It’s very social, with lots happening after work where you get to meet colleagues that you might not necessarily interact with during office hours.

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