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Our People Experience

We’re a community of talented and ambitious people growing together to fund life saving science.

In our day-to-day lives, we all know how to innovate, collaborate, look out for one another, make ourselves heard and use insight to make decisions. These are skills we can all bring to work, and skills we want to empower in each and every one of us.

We need to be at our best because the vision that unites us all is a huge one – a world free from the fear of heart and circulatory diseases. The BHF has come a long way since being founded in 1961, and our story is impressive, however our ambition to achieve more calls on us to work together and engage with communities all over the world.

To do this, we have five People Experience priorities which are backed by various streams of activity;

Let’s unlock our full potential

  • We’ll make and take opportunities to develop ourselves and our careers
  • Our managers will lead with heart, inspiring and bolstering everyone around them
  • Our workplace will set us up to succeed
  • We’ll all feel we belong in a diverse and inclusive community

Let’s make a safe, healthy and inclusive workplace

  • We’ll be compassionate towards others and make sure they feel safe and welcome
  • We’ll be empowered to look after our health and wellbeing
  • We’ll all feel we belong in a diverse and inclusive community

Let’s be free to innovate and collaborate

  • We’ll be curious, using our time to look for the best way, not the usual way
  • We’ll be brave enough to try new ideas and learn from our failures
  • We’ll take advantage of new technology that can better power our work
  • We’ll connect and collaborate with each other

Let’s take action led by insight

  • We’ll draw insight from evidence and harness it in powerful ways
  • We’ll listen to our people and customers and act on their feedback to improve what we do
  • We’ll have all the data and insight we need to inform what we’re doing

Let’s maximise our impact

  • We’ll unite behind a common purpose, understanding the role we play in beating heartbreak forever
  • We’ll celebrate our successes and be hungry for more
  • We’ll be driven to make sure our work reaches as many people as possible
  • People from all walks of life will admire the difference we make and want to support and work with us

Our values inspire and guide our People Experience for all our employees and volunteers.

Working Here


We are brave because it takes heroic qualities to fight heart disease. We’ll speak out and say what we think, while also acknowledging and learning from our mistakes. We’re decisive and innovative, unafraid to push boundaries, ambitious and always open to new ideas and concepts.


We’re always armed with knowledge and evidence, and seek to know more. Being informed means we work collaboratively and share information. We communicate to all our audiences as clearly and accurately as we can, and we remain curious and ask questions.


We show compassion by taking a personal interest in the hearts and minds of everyone around us. We listen, speak and behave respectfully, being inclusive, friendly and honest to all, while helping people understand decisions. We all act as ambassadors for the BHF, as well as taking personal responsibility for healthy behaviour at work.


We’re driven because we know the need is urgent and we have to make things happen. Focused on using our time and resources effectively and efficiently we’re determined, purposeful and proactive, playing an active role in our own development.

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