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Working Here

Our People Experience

We’re a community of talented and ambitious people growing together to fund lifesaving science.

In our day-to-day lives, we all know how to innovate, collaborate, look out for one another, make ourselves heard and use insight to make decisions. These are skills we can all bring to work, and skills we want to empower in every one of us.

We need to be at our best because the vision that unites us all is a huge one – a world free from the fear of heart and circulatory diseases. The BHF has come a long way since being founded in 1961, and our story is impressive, however our ambition to achieve more calls on us to work together and engage with communities everywhere.

To do this, we have five People Experience priorities which are backed by various streams of activity. No matter what team we work in, from retail to finance, marketing to fundraising – we all have a part to play:

  • Let’s unlock our full potential
  • Let’s make a safe, healthy and inclusive workplace
  • Let’s be free to innovate and collaborate
  • Let’s take action led by insight
  • Let’s maximise our impact

Our values

Our values are the guiding principles at the heart of the BHF that define how we work effectively and collaboratively to put an end to heart and circulatory diseases. They inspire and guide our People Experience for all our employees and volunteers.

Working Here


We speak out

  • We share our perspectives clearly and confidently
  • We are constructive in the way we challenge things and are open to all perspectives
  • We are willing to talk about our failures and share our learnings

We are decisive

  • We make insight-led decisions shaped by key stakeholders
  • We make decisions that support the best interests of the BHF
  • We commit to supporting and delivering on agreed decisions

We are innovative

  • We tap into our strengths and set ambitious goals
  • We make progress by trying, testing and learning
  • We seek insight internally and externally to find solutions


We are clear

  • We keep language simple and our communication jargon free
  • We make sure colleagues and stakeholders are up-to-date and involve the right people at the right times
  • We adapt our communication styles and methods to meet the needs of everyone

We are open-minded

  • We ask questions that broaden our horizons
  • We make the most of the diverse perspectives and expertise around us
  • We embrace feedback as a gift that helps us improve

We work together

  • We work collaboratively and really listen to what matters to our colleagues
  • We share insight and information openly to help spot the connections in our work
  • We take responsibility for finding out what’s happening across the BHF and how it relates to our work


We are open and honest

  • We listen and value the ideas, suggestions and concerns of others
  • We are honest about what we think and feel, and open to the views of others
  • We help people understand our decisions and the reasons behind them

We respect each other

  • We are friendly, kind and considerate in our relationships
  • We make others feel valued, included and that they belong
  • We find out how we can bring out the best in those around us including our differences

We care

  • We care about the BHF and inspire others to connect with our cause
  • We maintain good boundaries and behaviours that support wellbeing and productivity
  • We ensure everyone who comes into contact with the BHF has a great experience


We are focused

  • We make sure our goals and activities are aligned to the BHF strategy
  • We are flexible in planning and managing our workload in response to changing priorities
  • We make the most of every pound entrusted to us

We are determined

  • We show pride in the BHF and commitment to our cause
  • We are proactive and collaborative in the way we work together
  • We are energised by our mission and motivated by our goals

We keep learning

  • We take ownership over our development
  • We look inside and outside the BHF for insight, knowledge and learning
  • We reflect and learn from experience and feedback

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