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Join us and make a life saving difference.

Our highly skilled teams work across a diverse range of activities but are united in our goals to save lives and support people to live better with heart disease. We provide information, create resources and design frontline services – every year reaching 4.6 million people who need us.

PSS brings together people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds to deliver evidence-based and impactful programmes that support the BHF’s mission to win the fight against cardiovascular disease. Ours is a unique and exciting environment in which you’ll be encouraged and supported to grow and develop your skills.

The work we do extends from the ‘frontline’ of patient support, through content creation and delivering our Nation of Life Savers programme, to influencing clinical services at the highest level. That means we have a huge breadth of exciting opportunities for you to join the fight for every heartbeat. Some of our roles require a high level of specialist cardiovascular knowledge, while others make use of a broad range of transferable skills that can be applied to our life-saving work in a rewarding and challenging career.

What the team say

  • SarahHead of Prevention, Survival and Support Content

    What attracted you to the BHF?

    I joined as the Editor of Heart Matters magazine. The opportunity to work for a respected charity and make a difference to people’s lives doing what I love – writing – was too good an opportunity to pass up.

    What’s the best thing about your role?

    What I love more than anything is telling stories and I have done ever since my Mum refurbished her second hand typewriter for me when I was about nine years old. My team tells inspirational stories of people living with cardiovascular disease, which we use to inspire others affected by it. We know that by equipping patients with information that they’re better able to manage their condition and so it’s great I’m playing a small part in their stories, too.

    What inspires you in your working life?

    The people. My colleagues are amazing and I’ve been privileged to meet some of the world-class researchers whose work we fund. Every time I do it blows my mind.

  • ChrisSenior Cardiac Nurse

    What attracted you to the BHF?

    I’d followed a clinical nursing path – in the NHS and private practice - for several years. I had no idea opportunities existed for nurses like me in the charity sector. But the reputation of the BHF spoke for itself on my ward - we would always use the resources to help educate our patients. So when I saw the vacancy here I was keen to apply.

    What do you do?

    My role is to ensure that everything that comes out of the charity, whether it’s printed resources, fundraising materials or a TV advert, is medically accurate and maintains the reputation of the BHF as an expert source of information.

    What are the best things about the BHF?

    The thing I appreciate the most here is having a voice. Often in my previous roles this hasn’t been the case, and it can be enormously frustrating. The first time someone genuinely asked for my opinion here I almost fell down.

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