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Join us and tell the BHF’s life saving story.

Our exceptional team powers the public profile of the BHF and is the creative and operational force behind the campaigns you see on TV, social media and beyond. We are the story-tellers for our world-beating research. We give voice to our colleagues across the BHF, drive behaviour change for heart health, and secure the BHF as the UK expert on heart disease.

Join Marketing and Engagement to be part of an award-winning team promoting and protecting an instantly-recognisable charity brand at the leading edge of the sector. We have 750,000 followers across our social media platforms and reach around 2 million people per week. Our campaigns are hard-hitting, our research makes headlines, and we work with influencers at the heart of the media, entertainment and politics.

Roles are as varied as customer service, audience research and digital analytics to social media, PR, public affairs, science communication and design. What unites us is pride in the brand and bags of passion.

What the team say

  • DaniDigital Marketing Manager

    What do you love most about your role?

    No two days are the same. Sometimes I can be really hands on looking at the optimisation of a campaign or training team members. But I also get to work on more top level planning such as content marketing frameworks, or meet with big-hitters such as Google and Facebook to discuss opportunities for the BHF. I also work with a very talented team and I enjoy supporting their development.

    What do you love most about the BHF?

    The culture. The BHF isn’t too large you feel overwhelmed by the amount of people but it’s not so small that you fight to get projects off the ground. Work life balance is encouraged, there’s carol singing at the Christmas party, Yoga at lunch time and a softball team. We also have some fantastic content to work with, the real life case studies are so inspiring and make you realise what it’s all for.

    Choose three words to describe working life at the BHF

    Inspiring. Nurturing. Fast-paced.

  • KimberleyBrand Executive, Marketing and Engagement

    What attracted you to the charity?

    The BHF appealed to me as they were innovative, fun and brave. I could distinctly remember their annual report from 2012 that was designed as a durable origami wallet, their Mending Broken Hearts campaign and of course the infamous Vinnie Jones CPR advert. I wanted to be part it!

    What are the best things about working for the BHF?

    The people. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The BHF genuinely care about your professional development and wellbeing.

    Also, when you work in an office it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, but the BHF regularly hold events where people living with heart disease come to speak to us about the impact that our research has had on their lives. It keeps you connected to the cause.

    Three words to describe working life at the BHF?

    Inspiring, humbling and rewarding.

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