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If you’re starting out in your career or looking for a change in career, you might not know exactly what you want to do yet. But perhaps you do know you want to make a difference. As a large world class organisation we offer a wealth of opportunities to start shaping your professional life.

Whether you’re an IT whizz, have a way with words or a head full of fundraising ideas, we’ll nurture your talent and show you what it’s like to have a job that really matters.

Graduate Retail programme

We’re not just the UK’s leading charity retailer - we hold our own against the UK’s leading commercial retailers, too. And that’s why if you’re a graduate with ambitions for a career in retail, we can offer you the entrepreneurial environment, hands on training and expert knowledge that will get you on track for success.

We look for graduates who are out to maximise profits and get experience of the whole retail sector, while being motivated by the chance to help fund life saving research. We shape our graduates for a long term managerial or leadership career in retail - because if we’re going to beat the world’s biggest killers, we need to brightest and best on our team.


The application process for the 2019 intake will open this winter, but please check our Career site for other roles.

Together with Macmillan Cancer Support we deliver the Gradunique development programme for graduates who are ambitious to work in the charity sector. The two year programme gives exceptional graduates the opportunity to work, full time, in paid positions for both charities - 12 months in each.

This unique partnership between the BHF and Macmillan Cancer Support provides incredible exposure to the sector. You'll gain hands-on experience across a wide range of functions in two of the UK's leading charities and the chance to make vital connections.

Each year we’re looking for four recent graduates. To be successful, you'll need to show us that you are passionate about making a difference and ready to take on responsibility while working with others. We want graduates who are excited by the prospect of making a real impact on others' lives. You'll need to be accountable from day one, and hungry to learn from those around you.

For further details, please visit please visit www.gradunique.org.uk.

Q and A with Emily East - Graduate

  • EmilyGraduate

    What was it about this graduate scheme that made you apply?

    I had been looking for opportunities to help develop a career in the charity sector but similarly to a lot of recent graduates, I wasn’t sure which particular area it was that I definitely wanted to work in.

    When I saw this graduate scheme, I knew that I had to apply; the main reason was because as the name suggests, it is truly a unique scheme. No-one else in the charity sector was offering the chance to work for two such fantastic charities and I thought that the development opportunities would be greater than other schemes because you get the chance to work across departments and charities, giving you a really wide breadth of experience which I hoped would allow me to work out which areas within the sector I liked the most. Both charities are so well known and reputable, with causes that are hard not to care about and this really excited me as an opportunity.

    Have you any hints and tips for graduates when applying for our Graduate scheme?

    As cliché as it sounds, the best tip that I can give is to be yourself – don’t be constantly thinking ‘what do the recruiters want to hear,’ but rather give honest answers to questions and don’t be afraid to show your personality. This way both you and the recruiters can work out whether you are the right fit to work for the scheme.

    I would also say that although it is important to have a good knowledge of the sector and to talk about your previous experience, don’t forget that it is equally important to show your passion for wanting to work in the charity sector and the two charities specifically.

    Finally I would advise to prepare and put in as much effort as you can for each stage. Don’t be tempted to not put your all into it because you think it’s really unlikely that you’ll be one of the four chosen because of all the other applicants. When I submitted my application form I didn’t think that I would end up with a place on the scheme but here I am! I really worked hard for each stage and I think it’s very unlikely that I’d have got my place without doing that.